Co-presenters Megan Koontz and Noemi Reyes will tackle the topic of "Creating Faith Based Sexual Violence Programming at Religious Colleges and Universities." The co-presenters will dive into the historical background of abuse within religious communities and how victims are perceived, along with how abuse is talked about in religious circles.
Additionally, the co-presenters will discuss the psyche of religious victims, specific barriers that exist for religious victims/victims that attend a religious university, and how to help alleviate those barriers through sexual violence programming.
on-demand webinar
  • Runtime: 66 min
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Megan Koontz
Community Prevention Coordinator at Saint Leo University

Megan Koontz is the Community Prevention Coordinator at Saint Leo University. Through her experience working in the domestic and sexual violence field, Megan has created programming for and built connections with minority groups in the community and has worked to train professionals in the DV/SV field about more inclusive programming and services. As someone who attended a strict, Evangelical university in the buckle of the Bible Belt, Megan's personal experience has shaped how she views and implements programming for students who identify as religious.
Noemi Reyes
CARE Project Coordinator at Sunrise of Pasco County

Noemi Reyes is the Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE) Project coordinator at Saint Leo University. She has a Master’s degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences and five years of experience working with victims and families within justice and service systems. Having witnessed the impact of domestic and sexual violence on families and youth in the legal system, she strives to break these patterns of violence through comprehensive programming at colleges and universities.