About This Webinar
Yacht Engineering Week - Thursday, July 30 2020
  • Maintenance Highlights & Considerations
  • Hybrid Technology
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    Brian Fowler
    Pantropic Power
    Brian Fowler is the Marine Engine Consultant for Caterpillar. He has been with Caterpillar since 1997 including his tenure with Gregory Poole Marine Power and Caterpillar Inc. prior to joining Pantropic Power in 2015. His background with CAT has been primarily with Service and Product Support with a focus on vessel machinery space maintenance and management along with corporate assistance as a 50 Ton Captain.
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    Jeff Bowles
    Jeff Bowles is the Director of DLBA. Formerly Donald L. Blount & Associates, and now a part of Gibbs & Cox, DLBA is a consultant naval architecture and marine engineering group supporting a wide range of market sectors in the maritime world. Jeff graduated from Webb Institute in 2000 with a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering, and then obtained a master’s in marine engineering from University of Newcastle in 2001. He signed on with DLBA in October 2001 and has never looked back. Jeff has spent a lot of time in South Florida supporting projects and has experience playing all of the Refit roles acting on behalf of the owner, the original shipyard, and the refit yard. Jeff is a licensed Professional Engineer and a certified Project Management Professional.
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    Donald Williams
    Northern Lights
    Donald Williams is the Sales Manager at Northern Lights and has over 35 years of experience in power generation, HVAC and data networks, particularly in technology development, design, manufacturing and sales of equipment services. Pioneered the development of the first commercial LMDS system in the world built in Maracaibo, Venezuela using licensed frequency that is currently being proposed for cellular 5G networks. Inventor in the field of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP), HVAC and Energy Storage. Including the design of Micro Grid networks for stationary, mobile and marine applications. BA in International Business from Schiller International University in London, England. Global Sales Manager at Northern Lights, Inc.
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    Sveinung Odegard
    Corvus Energy
    Sveinung Odegard lives in Seattle, WA. He graduated from the Maritime Academy in Bergen with a major in Electrical Engineering and has since been working internationally on large and complex marine system worldwide. After sailing for a decade, he took his marine experience with him and went onshore to work with companies that deliver advanced electrical, control and hybrid systems for marine and offshore applications. After 16 years with ABB Marine in multiple international positions, he joined Corvus as VP Sales Americas in June 2018.
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    Kit Purdy
    Northern Lights
    Kit has had a passion for engines and boating his entire life. Born and raised in Bainbridge Island, Washington he spent a lot of his childhood on the water fishing with his dad. He and his wife Gina enjoy spending time on their Chris Craft sportfisher Vamanos and are both active members of the Seattle Yacht Club. After several years in the trucking industry, Kit came to Northern Lights in 2015 as the Global Sales Manager. In 2017, Kit was promoted to Vice President/General Manager and because of his experience in various aspects of this industry and as an avid boater, he brings a knowledgeable perspective to Northern Lights.
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    Paul Flannery