Charter Destinations Webinar - Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Learn about the amazing cruising destinations in Central America and Ecuador. Local experts and dignitaries will share their experiences and be available for Q&A.
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    Denise Guillen
    Lawyer and Financier with a specialty in tourism planning. She has coordinated the Master Plan for Coastal Tourism Development in Panama.

    Since 2000, she has been dedicated to her private practice in Tourism Investment Advisory, which has represented the development of more than 5,000 hotel rooms, Marinas located in the Panamanian Caribbean and Pacific as well as mega and yacht charters based on Panama.

    Since July 2019, she is Deputy Minister of Tourism in the Republic of Panama.
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    Simone Bell
    Simone is a professional with over 10 years of experience in intraregional Sales, Marketing & Business Development spanning the Hospitality, Client Services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Retail industries, with emphasis on data-driven business development, product development, and client relationship management (CRM).

    Currently, Simone is responsible for the Investment and Innovation portfolio at the Belize Tourism Board where she oversees Private Aviation, Hotel Investment, and Nautical Tourism. In her free time, she loves new experiences, cooking and eating as well as spending time with her teenage daughter.
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    Pedro Abdalla
    Costa Rica
    Pedro manages Marina Bahia Golfito, an IGY Destination, located in Golfito, in the South
    Pacific region of Costa Rica. Has held many Senior Executive positions in Costa Rica
    Maritime Government Organizations. Is part of the team developing the Costa Rica Charter
    Marina Law.

    Pedro holds, since January 2023, the President position at the Costa Rican
    Marina's Association and was notably involved in the design and operation of three of the six marinas in Costa Rica. He has been working at Marina Bahia Golfito for the last 3 years, MBG has hosted close to 240 Superyachts and over 800 yachts in Golfito, Costa Rica.
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    Carlos Nuñez
    Carlos Nunez hails from Manta, Ecuador and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of New Orleans before attending IE Business School in Madrid where he honed his entrepreneurial, business strategy, and management skills. His career in private investments began while working in the seafood industry in Ecuador, at the same time falling in love with the sea and the nature around it.

    As his appreciation for the beauty of the Pacific coast of Ecuador grew, Carlos felt compelled to share its magnificence with the world. He embarked on a personal mission to promote sustainable tourism and conservation efforts in the region, recognizing the delicate balance between preserving its natural wonders and unlocking its potential for economic growth. Carlos’s deep connection to the coast of Ecuador, boasting vibrant coastal cities brimming with rich cultural heritage, further fueled his passion and ultimately brought the first superyacht to be based in the area.
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    Bob Saxon
    Bob Saxon is an iconic figure in the megayacht marketplace. He is president of Bob Saxon Consultancy, a firm that advises and consults on all aspects of yacht ownership. Bob is also currently President of IYBA in his sixth term.
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    Holly Huffstetler
    Holly was born and raised in North Carolina before moving to Germany to continue her education, where she ultimately obtained a Master’s Degree in European Law & Politics. In 2012, she made the decision to relocate to Miami, Florida where she has since worked in the yachting and real estate industries before choosing to solely focus on yacht charters.

    Holly currently works as a Charter Manager & Broker for Edmiston in their Miami Beach office and has extensive experience managing some of the world’s top and most sought-after charter programs in locations spanning over three continents.