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    Thierry Voisin
    President of ECPY
    With 35 years of experience and a vast list of contacts in yachting, in 1993, it was a fairly natural progression for me to create my own yachting agency: "Thierry Voisin Partnership". Having a reputation as a key player in the industry quickly grew as I established myself at the very heart of yachting with tenacity and precision helping to develop my own business alongside the French yachting industry in general. Being one of the instrumental figures in implementing the statutes for commercial yachting, a process that took some 10 years of patient and diligent work.
    I remain one of the most authoritative interlocutors with the the tax and customs services. It was in part the recognition of my skills and hard work that in 2007, i was elected as the first French President of MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association), referred to as the Worldwide Yachting Association which advocates good professional practices and defends the interests of global yachting. Still holding prominent posts in the industry such as President of ECPY (the European Committee of Professional Yachting), I am always look forward to improve the professionalism within the yachting industry and to make the yachting great again!
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    Janet Oliver
    Executive Director of BVI Charter Yacht Society
    Over 33 years ago Janet arrived in the BVI with a Business degree in one hand and a donkey saddle in the other. She landed her first job, not in an office, but on a live aboard dive boat. Neither a diver nor a sailor, a whole new world opened up to her from which she never looked back. She spent the next 6 years working on a variety of crewed yachts in positions including bubble watcher, dive master, stewardess, first mate and chef. When children were added to the equation of life in the BVI, Janet moved ashore where, after a year at a notable clearinghouse, her administration skills were introduced to Board members of the Charter Yacht Society. From 1997 to present day, Janet has been the point person and liaison for BVI’s charter yacht crews with the territorial government as well as the organizer of both the annual November and Spring charter yacht shows in the BVI. Janet was recently Inducted into CYBA’s Charter Yachting Hall of Fame. She is a Board Member of the BVI Marine Association.