Topics will include:
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- Bahamas Health Visa
- SeaZPass Program
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    Joe Dargavage
    Partner - Romora Bay Resort & Marina
    Joe Dargavage is a Partner at the iconic Romora Bay Resort & Marina in Harbour Island Bahamas, Vice President of The Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM), and founder of United Island & Yacht, a yacht agency providing shore based support to yachts in Florida and The Bahamas. He most recently Chaired the 2021 Bahamas Charter Yacht Show at Rybovich.
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    Paul Flannery
    IYBA Executive Director
    Paul has been involved in the marine industry for almost his entire life, having started as a dock boy on Eastern Long Island in the late 1960's and working his way up to the position of captain on custom sportfishing boats in the tournament circuit. He holds a 500 ton U.S.C.G. Masters license, has traveled many of the oceans of the world and is also a licensed private pilot.

    In 1992, Paul began working in a yacht brokerage position in Jacksonville Fl. and in 1996, he opened Flannery Yachts, Inc where he was a new boat dealer, ran a complete marine service company and enjoyed great success in the brokerage markets. In 2004, Flannery Yachts combined efforts with HMY Yacht Sales and launched the North Florida representation for various high end production new boat brands as well as brokerage sales. His affiliation with HMY lasted for 12 years and the final two years of Paul's brokerage career were spent with SYS Yachts as Director of Sales, Palm Beach Division.

    In early 2018, Paul was approached by the Executive Committee of IYBA and asked to assume the role of Executive Director on a full-time basis, where he currently directs the day to day operations of the association. His current duties involve the coordination of seminars, networking events, legislative affairs and working with the Board of Directors to shepherd the growth of the organization. When asked what he enjoys most regarding his career, he says that he genuinely enjoys the opportunity to continue to "give back" to the industry which has given him so much.
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    Nathan Butler
    Senior Customs/Revenue Officer - Bahamas Consulate
    Nathan Butler is a Senior Customs/Revenue Officer at the Bahamas Customs Department. This department is under the leadership of the Bahamas Ministry of Finance and is also a part of Law Enforcement of the Bahamas Government.

    I have worked on the Island of Newprovidence and various island throughout the Archipelago at various levels. My service allowed me the opportunity to relate to protocols involving imports and exports, the processing and entering of cargo and pleasure vessels. This also includes the performance of duties for various other agencies including Bahamas Immigration Department, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Port Department. I am currently posted at the Bahamas Consulate Office in Miami and functions as the Bahamas Customs Liaison Officer.

    The Primary function is to collect and protect the revenue of the Government.
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    Astra Coleby-Bain
    Supervisor, Boat Registration
    Astra Coleby-Bain was deployed to the Port Department in 2015. In 2017 I joined the Boat Registration Section where, shortly thereafter I was given the responsibilities as Supervisor of the section. My responsibilities include but not limited to oversight for registration of all vessels that ply the waters of The Bahamas which include the Foreign Charter vessels, commercial and private vessels as well as processing captain licenses.
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    Trevor Moss
    Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation
    Trevor R. Moss Sr. has been employed with the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation from 1988 (thirty three years). He has worked in various departments within the Ministry, namely:
    Industry Training (Bahamahost)
    Audio Visual
    Website Development
    Information Technology (IT) – As Head of Department for IT within
    The Bahamas
    He now serves as Head of Department of the Travel Compliance Unit that was established on 23rd June 2020 for the purpose of verifying and
    approving applications for the Bahamas Travel Health Visa, in light of the
    COVID-19 Pandemic.
    He has severed as the Sr. Deputy Director of Technology for the World Athletics (IAAF), the first, second and third edition IAAF World Relays. He served as the Sr. Director of Technology of the sixth edition of the Commonwealth Youth Games, which was the largest international sporting event to be hosted in The Bahamas. He is active in his community through civic and religious organizations. He’s married, a blessed father, and a proud grandfather.