Of the 298 goals Megan Whittle scored in college, 91 of those goals were Free Position Shots. In this presentation, Whittle talks through FPS tips and tricks that helped her during her time with the the Univ. of Maryland, as well as new drills that she has included in practice plans for athletes she coaches at Stanford.

This presentation focuses on breaking down the shooter’s technique and improving your athlete’s body positioning on the hash in order to increase their chances of getting to cage. We will discuss how to read the adjacent defenders and goalie, the shooter’s stick protection, incorporating fakes, and smart shot placement. Whittle offers team shooting drills that can help sharpen these skills in a practice setting, as well as stickwork and footwork drills for athletes to do outside of practice to help find a routine that works best for them individually.

This presentation aims to provide coaches ways to help their shooters feel confident stepping up to the line and sticking their Free Position Shot, ultimately improving their individual shooting percentage.
Megan Whittle
Assistant Coach, Stanford Lacrosse