Scoring in 7 v 7 situations continues to become more difficult. Finding ways to score easy goals is more important than ever. We want to play fast offensively, yet find a way to slow our opponent at the same time. The purpose of this discussion/demonstration is to point out the mistakes too many players make when trying to control the transition game in either direction. One player failing to recognize, or not taking advantage of an opponent's mistake can cost your team a scoring opportunity on one end or allow one on the other.

You can't play fast simply by running faster than the other team. There are elements of the transition game that are made possible by quick recognition and reaction to what is happening on the field. Players need to understand that every play will look different but they can help themselves by being more aware of what is going on within the game and where there team has an advantage to exploit or a disadvantage to protect.
Pat McCabe
Head Coach, Adelphi University
Frankie Caridi
Associate Head Coach, Adelphi University