About This Webinar
Experience has shown us that many organizations have some understanding of their IT supplier landscape, demonstrating the usual pareto: 20% of suppliers cover 80% of the spend. But how much of this is proactively managed or under contract?

• Do you know what your budget is being spent on and do you have visibility of all of the spend? Are you effectively managing your strategic suppliers?
• How are you dealing with the remaining 20% tail spend?
• What about risk management? Are there significant landscape changes forecast, and how will these impact the supply base?
• Are your suppliers managing you, as opposed to you managing your suppliers?

We can help you find answers to any unanswered questions or gaps you are currently grappling with.

During this session we will provide an insight into how to begin or continue your journey towards a sustainable, customer managed supply base; tips and tools to help you unlock opportunities, effectively tackle supplier management and identify and mitigate risk. Implementing these tools has the added benefits of unleashing hidden value opportunities and delivering a client-led not supplier-managed supply base.
Emily Petty
Commercial Vertical Lead, IT Asset Alliance
Emily has a long experience of working with global organizations in the retail, digital, manufacturing and telecoms sectors. Developing commercial strategies, managing budgets, implementing supplier management frameworks and planning projects in the IT space are all things she is very familiar with.

These skills have delivered positive results in resolving licensing disputes, negotiating sustainable supplier agreements and a resolving a breadth of IT commercial challenges.
Sarah Walters
Service Partner, IT Asset Alliance
Throughout her career in procurement, Sarah has consistently delivered and secured best value for her clients. Her commitment and drive has ensured impressive results for corporates in OEM, food manufacturing, retail and finance.

With over 20 years’ experience and a CIPS qualification under her belt, she’s highly skilled in the art of supplier relationship management. What’s more, she offers you a calm, pragmatic approach in any situation.
Carol Purslow
Marketing Manager, IT Asset Alliance