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Would you like to understand how to build your resilience and the resilience of your family? Faced with the current challenges, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise to find out the right ways to support ourselves and our loved ones. One key opportunity is through eating the right food.

In our free webinar, Nicola Moore brings together key facts backed by research that show you how to build your resilience. A registered Nutritional Therapist and Head of Clinics at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) for 10 years. Nicola will enable you to forget the guesswork and decipher fact from fiction to find out what you can do. 

with Nicola Moore and Kate Delmar morgan
First recorded on 8th July 2020
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    Institute for Optimum Nutrition ION
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    Nicola Moore
    Nicola graduated from ION in 2005 and has been part of the academic team since 2007. She has covered a variety of roles including year leader, module leader, lecturer and clinic tutor.

    Nicola has special interests in hormone health including female hormones, stress and thyroid disorders and diabetes. She also works frequently with clients who have digestive disorders and immune dysfunction, or those with unexplained illness that they are struggling to get to the bottom of. Nicola is interested in the role emotions play in food choices and has completed additional development work in the area of emotional and binge eating.