About This Webinar
As part of the upcoming launch of MagicINFO 9, Samsung is hosting a webinar to introduce the benefits and core features of this digital signage platform for all audiences. This would be an opportunity for new and existing users to discover how the Samsung MagicINFO solution can help optimize the management of their digital signage peripherals, create dynamic content schedules, and provide an insight into the successful sales conversion of their media campaigns.
  • 00:01:35:00 – What is MagicINFO?
  • 00:17:30:00 – What’s New in MagicINFO 9
  • 00:25:20:00 – MagicINFO 9 Security Update
  • 00:29:25:00 – MagicINFO Cloud
  • 00:34:37:00 – MagicINFO 9 Solution Demos
  • 00:39:27:00 – TRUST Systems (Guest Speaker)
  • 00:48:40:00 – Moving Tactics (Guest Speaker)
  • 01:00:19:00 – ScreenCom (Guest Speaker)
  • 01:09:53:00 – Global P.O.S. (Guest Speaker)
  • 01:15:01:00 – Outro
  • 1622035283-bd2d004edaff4fe7
    William Sam
    Head of Tech Consulting - Software
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1622035463-584a714a748e0305
    Piotr Bednarski
    Tech Consulting SW Integration Desk Manager
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1622034892-6c6594de88f49de8
    Filip Mateja
    Technical Consulting Manager
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1622553034-00784f1dc6555113
    Isaac Noh
    Tech Consulting SW Solution Architect Manager
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1622553045-1af637fa48ac8247
    Pete Colquitt
    MI Cloud Business Development Manager
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1622643598-9526ced6874a1289
    Adam Honek
    Senior Pre-Sales Engineer (LFD Solutions)
    Samsung Electronics
  • 1623056122-21843a416d169914
    Guest Speaker: Wybren Jongstra
    Technical Manager
    Screencom B.V
  • 1623055227-d0e8f05817228d7f
    Guest Speaker: Bastiaan Amsing
    Screencom B.V
  • 1623055488-61dbb946ba9ac9a4
    Guest Speaker: Joey Mensen
    Business developer
    Screencom B.V
  • 1623405244-0a9407b6ac779308
    Guest Speaker: Mike Dowson
    Commercial Director
    Trust Systems Ltd
  • 1623405354-2105784bbb9a6c8b
    Guest Speaker: Josh Potts
    Head of Operations
    Trust Systems Ltd
  • 1624275286-e11f2f856c1b09f5
    Guest Speaker: Loic Albenque
    Digital Signage Solution Expert
    Global P.O.S
  • 1624887851-6e398fa3ab03f64c
    Guest Speaker: Kevin Bierman
    Head of Digital Signage
    Moving Tactics
  • 1624888017-8eba8397100ffb4c
    Guest Speaker: Wesley Johnston
    Head of Technical
    Moving Tactics
  • 1624888099-e13c062fa97bb0b7
    Guest Speaker: Ryno Colyn
    Head of Content
    Moving Tactics