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How can you strengthen your security posture and protect your organization with confidence from threats like ransomware? A platform-based approach to cybersecurity presents benefits that extend beyond technical controls. The AI-powered Trellix Platform enables better, more efficient workflows for your SOC, removes barriers to adoption via pre-existing integrations, and enables a view of your cyber risk posture. The Trellix approach will bring benefits around faster detection of threats, correlation of events into an understanding of adversary activity and the ability to rapidly respond and remediate across your environment.

The Trellix Platform for Ransomware Detection & Response Webinar is now available on-demand. In this webinar, you’ll learn how the Trellix Platform:

  • Minimizes the time to value, with reduction of incidents from days and weeks to hours and minutes

  • Helps reduce cost and complexity while helping your SOC resources be more efficient

  • Reduces your risk posture with class-leading protection, detection, and response capabilities

Senior Solutions Architect - Trellix
Filippo Sitzia is a Security Sr. Solutions Architect with responsibilities spanning the EMEA region. He primarily focuses on Defense Strategies and Threat Intelligence. He enjoys exploring innovative Cyber Defense Technologies, building challenging Purple Team Exercises, and testing them during educational workshops with customers and cybersecurity enthusiasts.
Solutions Engineer - Trellix
Tanja Hofmann is a Passionate Solutions Engineer with a focus on cybersecurity, dedicated to architecting effective strategies against digital threats.
Her collaborative approach in working with cross-functional teams and customers to create tailored solutions that bolster security postures.
Her proficient in translating complex technical concepts into actionable insights for clients. Tanja is within the cyber security business and Trellix for over 20 years.