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Zero Trust (ZT) is a cybersecurity model based on the core principle of “Never trust, always verify.” It assumes that users and devices inside and outside an organization’s network have been breached and cannot be trusted. It means no user or device is trusted by default, even inside the organization’s network. Instead, all access to applications and data is granted on a least-privileged basis. Before being permitted to connect, continuously assess, authenticate, and authorize users and devices.

In this webinar, we're thrilled to unveil how Trellix revolutionizes the implementation of Zero Trust strategies. Our game-changing, AI-driven XDR platform is the cornerstone, seamlessly aggregating insights from an expansive network of over 1,000 data sources. These sources span the gamut from endpoint activities and email exchanges to network traffic patterns, cloud security statuses, and beyond.

But that's not all. We'll also shed light on the transformative capabilities of Skyhigh Private Access. This solution empowers secure access to internal applications directly through any browser, extending its reach to encompass personal devices, external partners, or third-party contractors. Skyhigh Private Access isn't just about access; it's about fortifying your data defenses. With comprehensive DLP scanning, robust anti-malware checks, and seamless RBI integration, it ensures a rock-solid shield around your sensitive information.
Field CTO EMEA - Trellix
Global Technical Director | Skyhigh Security