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COVID-19 has seen government data lakes swell in size, providing a unique opportunity to improve public sector decision-making with the help of emerging technologies. One of the most promising techniques to generate value from these data lakes is machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence.

This webinar will provide an overview of where machine learning is being used in government, what are the challenges, and where the most prominent market opportunities lie ahead.

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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar.
  • Government use cases for machine learning
  • Challenges in adoption
  • Enabling technologies and market opportunities
  • J
    Jack Le Guay
    Research Analyst
    Jack is a Research Analyst at Intermedium and has been heavily involved in the creation of a number of Intermedium's market intelligence products, including the 2020 Digital Government Readiness Indicator. Jack has contributed research and insights for Intermedium's industry events and authored over 90 articles in the past two years on topics ranging from emerging tech in government to procurement reform and cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

    Jack is currently studying a Masters of Public Policy at Sydney University. He is interested in how knowledge is co-produced in the interaction between technology and society, and in the policy and ethical implications of new technologies such as AI and biometrics.