Once upon a time, there lived a communicator who dreamed of keeping their people more engaged, unified, and informed. After countless, uninspiring weeks, the communicator had a magical encounter and was granted their heart’s desire, the key to solving all their problems: the power of storytelling.

Stories help us to understand the world around us and process information in a profoundly personal and emotional way. Communicators who use storytelling have the ability to keep their employees' attention and focus, even throughout points of crisis and organizational change.

Unlike in the tale above, we don’t need a magical intervention to learn the art of storytelling.

Watch our Valentine’s Day webinar, to learn how to apply storytelling techniques and positively engage employees within a digital world.
Mon, Feb 14, 2022 · 3:00 PM London (GMT 0:00)
  • The science behind storytelling
  • Structuring your story for the desired effect
  • How to infatuate the listener and create emotional responses
  • The top storytelling tools you can use within your intranet
  • Sourcing swoon-worthy stories
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