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    Do you want to become an instructional designer in 2023? Do you dream of escaping or breaking free from your current job and earning a good income and having more flexibility and freedom?

    That's exactly what I did, and it's all possible without going back to college or spending thousands of dollars!

    One of the things that I absolutely love about instructional design is the FLEXIBILITY that this career path offers.

    You can work in a corporate setting, a HigherEd setting, or go out on your own as a freelancer. Many instructional design jobs offer remote positions or a hybrid that offers some time working at home and some time working in the office.

    I love having options, don't you?

    During the pandemic, instructional design opportunities really opened up. In fact, Inside Higher Ed called instructional design the HOTTEST job in Higher Education!

    If you're someone who:

    - is excited about instructional design but doesn't know where or how to start
    - enjoys being creative
    - loves learning new things
    - is overwhelmed by all the information out there about instructional design
    - doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars on another degree

    Then, I can help.

    Join me inside my masterclass, and I will provide you with a roadmap of the skills and technology that you need to develop expertise in to make your instructional design dreams a reality in 2023!

    And, we'll discuss your income potential as an instructional designer!

    Don't be fooled. You don't know need to know everything about everything BUT there are definitely some must have areas and tools that you must put in the work to become proficient in to get hired as an instructional designer.

    Now, is the perfect time to start living your BEST life in a job that you enjoy!

    Let me show you where to start.
  • Agenda
    • Identify the skills and knowledge you need to become an instructional designer.
    • Explore the knowledge you need before you start applying for ID jobs.
    • Discuss the the tools you need in your ID Career Transition Tool Kit.
    • Explore how you can get skilled up and begin applying for ID jobs in as little as 12 weeks!
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