The production of conventional growth factors and cytokines for regenerative medicine, cell therapy products, and cultivated meat is faced with challenges such as lot-to-lot quality variation, contamination, low stability, and high manufacturing costs. PeptiGrowth Inc. has developed synthetic peptides that offer a solution to these challenges while still retaining the same capabilities of receptor activation, cell proliferation, and differentiation as conventional growth factors.

In this webinar, Dr. Kosuke Minamihata and Dr. Jes Kuruvilla share application examples of synthetic peptide growth factors in cell culture models and the key benefits of using their products.

Key learning objectives will include:
  • How synthetic peptide growth factors work

  • Functional properties and application data of synthetic peptide growth factors

  • Benefits of using synthetic peptide growth factors in cell culture
Kosuke Minamihata, PhD
Technical Support Manager for Marketing, PeptiGrowth Inc.
Kosuke Minamihata earned his PhD in protein engineering from Kyushu University in Japan, with a focus on site-specific modification of proteins using enzymatic reactions. He joined the University of Tokyo and worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant professor for 3.5 years. Then, he joined Kyushu University in 2016 as a Research Associate and helped set up KAICO Ltd., which provides growth factors and contracted protein synthesis service using silkworm-baculovirus expression systems. He was a part of the sales and development team at KAICO Ltd. for 2 years. He returned to Kyushu University as a full-time Assistant Professor in 2020 before joining his current position at PeptiGrowth-Mitsubishi in October 2022, where he is the Technical Support Manager for marketing.
Jes Kuruvilla, PhD
Sales and Development Manager, MIFI Bioceuticals
Jes Kuruvilla received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with a background in developing humanized animal models for studying viral infections. During his post-doctoral fellowships he gathered expertise in studying stem cells of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and its regeneration in response to radiation damage. He transitioned into the industry supporting stem cell scientists to develop various iPSC and hES lines as well as adult stem cells into organoids over the recent years. In MIFI Bioceuticals, he is in charge of business development for PeptiGrowth’s unique synthetic peptide growth factors in North America. MIFI Bioceuticals is a division of Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, based in NJ, the USA.
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