The Aurora Scientific team will provide a methodology focused overview of the 3 main experimental techniques for assessing contractility of whole muscle in murine models using our 3-in-1 Whole Animal System. Best practices from the start of the experiment to the end of data collection for the in-vivo (footplate), in-situ, and in-vitro techniques will be highlighted. This will be supported by video of the experimental surgeries, animal manipulation and preparation, electrode placement, and experimental setup. The pros and cons of each technique as well as experimental design will also be touched upon. A live Q&A will follow upon conclusion of the presentation.

This demo will be exclusively available to those who attend live.

The 1300A is a high performing, precise test system, giving researchers a simple method to test tensile and other mechanical properties of muscle. By combining in-situ, in-vivo and in-vitro muscle tests using one simple platform, researchers can capture a complete picture of muscle physiology in murine models.
Chris Rand, MSc
Sales and Marketing Manager, Aurora Scientific
Chris Rand is a graduate of Brock University where he completed a Master of Science in Neurobiology and Physiology. He has been supporting Scientific Discovery through client collaboration and marketing at Aurora Scientific for the past 8 years. He dedicates much of his time consulting with scientists, assisting with novel application of Aurora Scientific instruments in various disciplines, including muscle, olfaction, and nociception research.