· Sydney (GMT +11:00)
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Join Check Point and Innovatus Media for episode 3 of our three for 30 series. Connecting live, for 30 minutes, we are looking at pressing challenges facing enterprise security professionals.

Across the industry, security professionals are shifting to a Zero Trust Security state-of-mind: no device, user, workload or system should be trusted by default, neither inside nor outside the security perimeter. However, designing or rebuilding your security infrastructure around a Zero Trust approach using point solutions might lead to complex deployment and inherent security gaps in order to keep business data protected, anywhere.

In this session, we explore how avoid complexities and risks with a single consolidated Zero Trust security architecture, what does this mean and where do you start?
Security Pre-Sales Team Lead, Check Point Software Technologies
Sadiq is a cybersecurity consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, at Check Point he leads the security pre-sales engineering team and specializes in advising organisations across the Enterprise and Critical Infrastructure space on how to build and strengthen their security posture against the latest cyber-attack trends whilst raising their security maturity levels in order to meet ever changing risk & compliance requirements.
Editorial Director, Innovatus Media
Matt is the Editorial Director at Innovatus. He enjoys giving executives the time and space to think about new ideas, as well as looking at the impact technology has on culture. His hobbies include being tormented by his two children as well as reading, once his kids are asleep.