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How well do you know your organisation's edge? Better yet, how far away is your data from it?

Well for one organisation, NASA, that answer is probably a longer distance than others. This is why HPE and NASA collaborated to put a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) supercomputer aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The ultimate goal? To prove the technology's ability to operate in the harsh conditions of space while performing data centre level compute processing at the edge.

On behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise together with Intel® and in partnership with VMware, you are invited to join us for this exciting session featuring the project lead Mark R. Fernandez (US), as we shine a light on this exciting project and the learnings which all enterprises can take with regards to edge IT.
  • A look at the edge-to-cloud distribution and the emergence of edge-compute
  • A look at the use-cases the enterprise has been creating around edge technologies
  • At the Edge of the Edge: insights on HPE’s Spaceborne Computer-2 project and taking the edge to space
  • Key learnings from the project and what this might mean for edge innovation
  • Deploying closer to earth. How we are using this technology locally.
Mark R. Fernandez, Ph.D
Principal Investigator for Spaceborne Computer-2
Mark R. Fernandez, Ph.D is the Principal Investigator for Spaceborne Computer-2 for HPE having joined the team back in 2014. Mark and his family are Hurricane Katrina evacuees and now reside in South Carolina. He received his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi and interestingly still has his rejection letter from the NASA Astronaut Program.
Andrew Foot
General Manager Compute-Hybrid IT, South Pacific, HPE
Andrew is the General Manager Compute-Hybrid IT at HPE South Pacific. He is interested in technology driving business outcomes. He loves being a dad and is mad for cycling!
Tim Diggens
Head of Advisory & Professional Services (Australia/New Zealand), HPE
Tim is the Head of Advisory & Professional Services (Australia/New Zealand), HPE, and has over 20 years of experience with the company. Tim loves data and has named his Fitbit as his favourite piece of technology. If he could go anywhere on Earth it would have to be Antarctica where you would find him listening to Hans Zimmer- his favourite film score composer.
Matthew Egan
Managing Director, Innovatus Digital
Matthew is a technology journalist based in Sydney who reports on Digital Integration across the APAC region. Having moderated sessions on Digital Integration for the past decade, Matthew has been fortunate enough to see the real impact technology and innovation is having on traditional businesses.

Matthew has connected with a variety of C-Suite and technology executives and feels that creating an industry dialogue is vital to driving change.

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