On behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise together with Intel® and in partnership with SUSE, we invite you to be a part of our upcoming digital industry initiative titled "Modernising Your Mission-Critical Workloads: Reducing Risk, Increasing Scale & Enhancing Performance"
  • Reflecting on trends IT modernisation and building a blueprint for workload innovation.
  • How to build a strategy that responds to the growth of “mission-critical” applications and improves performance.
  • Integrating an open-source mindset into your IT strategy: understanding the benefits of scale and agility.
  • Taking a multi-cloud, as-a-service, approach to ensure: scale, flexibility and an overall reduced TCO.
Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand - SUSE
Formerly from Rancher Labs, where he was the Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Brian is responsible for bringing the combination of Rancher and SUSE to market in Australia/New Zealand—accelerating business growth, customer adoption, partnerships, and community awareness in the region. Previously, he was a global head at Ericsson, responsible for go-to-market and strategic positioning of early-stage cloud platform products.

Brian brings 20+ years of experience, including co-founder, in leadership roles driving new business revenue across all industry verticals. Moreover, looking to take advantage of software, cloud, managed hosting, security and data centre solutions, with a key focus on high-growth market opportunities.
General Manager Compute-Hybrid IT, South Pacific, HPE
Andrew is the General Manager Compute-Hybrid IT at HPE South Pacific. He is interested in technology driving business outcomes. He loves being a dad and is mad for cycling!
Managing Director, Innovatus Digital
Matthew is a technology journalist based in Sydney who reports on Digital Integration across the APAC region. Having moderated sessions on Digital Integration for the past decade, Matthew has been fortunate enough to see the real impact technology and innovation is having on traditional businesses.

Matthew has connected with a variety of C-Suite and technology executives and feels that creating an industry dialogue is vital to driving change.

"Driving Innovation Starts with Collaboration"