· Sydney (GMT 11:00)
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About This Webinar
Join Check Point and Innovatus Media for episode 2 of our three for 30 series. Connecting live, for 30 minutes, we are looking at pressing challenges facing enterprise security professionals.

In our second instalment, Cyber Security Evangelist, Ashwin Ram will share some very recent (July 2021) cyber-attacks against a nation, with the sole purpose of bringing its public infrastructure to its knees.

This attack successfully crippled Iran’s railway network and then destroyed computer systems of Irans Ministry of Roads and Urbanisation the very next day. This attack was conducted not by another nation state, but a relatively unknown and not so well funded hacktivist group and the key message is that this attack could have just as easily been against public infrastructure in Australia, U.K, the U.S or any other part of the world.

Join us live for an interactive session as we walk through the attack, and how you can take steps to prevent this type of attack or at least minimise the damage.
Ashwin Ram
Cyber Security Evangelist, Office of the Chief Technology Officer - Check Point Software Technologies
As a Cyber Security Evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies, Ashwin Ram helps business leaders make smarter, more insightful cyber-security decisions.

He does this by ensuring that cyber-security strategies are designed to achieve cyber-resilience. He focuses on both, pre and post infection security controls across corporate networks, cloud, endpoints, mobile and IoT.

Ashwin has delivered technical trainings, cyber-security boot camps, assisted with designing and remediating cyber-security solutions across many organisations within APAC. He is passionate about cyber-security and regularly shares his knowledge on the current threat landscape at various cyber-security conferences across the globe.
Matthew Egan
Editorial Director, Innovatus Media
Matt is the Editorial Director at Innovatus. He enjoys giving executives the time and space to think about new ideas, as well as looking at the impact technology has on culture. His hobbies include being tormented by his two children as well as reading, once his kids are asleep.