Part two of a five-part masterclass series.

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This talk will tell the story of the most dynamic and energetic dynasty in British royal history. At the height of their power, the Plantagenets commanded a vast empire that stretched from the Scottish border almost to the Mediterranean. For much of the period, England waged costly wars with France and Scotland, with mighty warrior kings such as Henry V achieving celebrated victories. But his successor plunged England into the Wars of the Roses – one of the bloodiest chapters in the history of the monarchy, during which the crown changed hands no fewer than six times. It culminated in the controversy of Richard III and the Princes in the Tower.

The lecture will run for 45 minutes followed by 30 minute Q&A.

All attendees will receive a study pack to accompany each lecture, containing an original document picked by Tracy to discuss with her in the Q&A, a bespoke feature, detailed timeline and quiz.

Fri, Jan 14, 2022 · 12:30 PM London (GMT +0:00)
Tracy Borman
Tracy Borman is a best-selling author and historian, specialising in the Tudor period. Her books include Elizabeth’s Women, which was Book of the Week on Radio 4, Thomas Cromwell: the untold story of Henry VIII’s most faithful servant, which was a Sunday Times bestseller, The Private Lives of the Tudors and most recently Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him. Her debut novel, The King’s Witch, was published in 2018 and the final book in the trilogy, The Fallen, was published in 2020.

Tracy has presented a number of history programmes for Channel 5, Yesterday TV and the Smithsonian Channel, including The Fall of Anne Boleyn, Inside the Tower of London and Henry VIII and the King’s Men. She is a regular contributor to BBC History Magazine and gives talks on her books across the country and abroad. She works part-time as joint Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces and as Chief Executive of the Heritage Education Trust.
Rhiannon Davies
Rhiannon Davies is the section editor of BBC History Magazine and Tudor ambassador for HistoryExtra. She hosted Tracy Borman’s five-part Tudor Queens masterclass in 2020, and appears regularly on the HistoryExtra podcast. She is also the host of This Week in History, a weekly podcast and video series with popular historian Dominic Sandbrook.