What did medieval people think about sex, and how did they tackle problems like fertility and impotence? How and why did the authorities try to regulate sexual activity (from pre-marital relations to prostitution, and from same-sex attraction to sexual assault), and did they succeed? Why were the clergy supposed to be celibate? And what role did sex play in medieval culture? By exploring their sex lives, this talk brings ordinary medieval people to life, and exposes their most personal thoughts and experiences.

As always, you will be able to submit your questions for Katherine Harvey throughout the presentation, to be answered in the live Q&A at the end of the lecture.

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Thu, Oct 14, 2021 · 7:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
Katherine Harvey
Katherine Harvey is an Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London. She hold a PhD in Medieval History from King's College London and has published widely on medieval topics, including sexuality, gender, emotions and the body. Her new book, The Fires of Lust: Sex in the Middle Ages is published in October with Reaktion.
Dave Musgrove
David Musgrove is content director of the HistoryExtra.com website and podcast, plus its sister print magazines BBC History Magazine and BBC History Revealed. He has a PhD in medieval landscape archaeology, has written The Story of the Bayeux Tapestry with Prof Michael Lewis, and is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.