Join us for our live online talk, as we take a look back through the annals of planetary exploration and the amazing robotic machines that humans have landed on distant worlds of the Solar System to explore their surfaces.

Space exploration sparks the imagination, but nothing captures the attention like seeing one of Earth’s robotic ambassadors moving across the landscape of another planet.

Dr Pearson’s talk begins with the Soviet lunar rovers of the 1970s that were piloted from Earth with nothing but a blurred black and white image, before moving on to the balloons that bobbed through Venus’s cloud-laden skies.

She will also look at NASA’s Mars rovers, which have spent over 20 years traversing the Red Planet’s surface attempting to answer questions about our neighbouring planet’s past climate and whether it could have once been hospitable to life.

You’ll be able to submit questions throughout the talk, and they’ll be put to the speaker in the second part of the presentation to be answered live by Dr Ezzy Pearson.

To buy your copy of Robots in Space with a book-plate signed by Dr Pearson, click here - https://www.foxlanebooks.co.uk/product-page/robots-in-space-with-signed-bookplate
Thursday February 25, 2021, starting at 7:00 PM GMT
Dr Ezzy Pearson
Dr Ezzy Pearson is the news editor for BBC Sky at Night Magazine and presents its monthly podcast, Radio Astronomy. With a PhD in galactic astronomy, her first book Robots in Space is out now published by The History Press.
Chris Bramley
Chris Bramley is the Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine. A journalist by training, he has been covering space and astronomy since 2005 and has headed up the magazine's editorial team since 2011.
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