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Astrophotographer, equipment consultant and author Tom Kerss explains how to take your first step into astro imaging with the smartphone in your pocket.

He’ll look at some of the targets that a smartphone can capture in the night sky, from atmospheric effects like noctilucent clouds to nightscapes with bright planets or the Moon, and take us through some key considerations when it comes to capturing a great night sky image.

You'll be able to submit your questions throughout the talk, which will be answered live in the second part of the presentation.

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Thu, 23/09/2021 · 7:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
  • Suitable subjects for smartphone astrophotography
  • How to get a steady shot
  • Which smartphones are best suited for astro imaging
  • Astrophoto apps to consider
  • Using your smartphone with a telescope or binoculars
  • Simple processing tweaks to make to improve your final image
Tom Kerss
Tom Kerss is an experienced astronomer, podcaster, astrophotographer and author of books on observing the Moon and the science of the Northern Lights.
Chris Bramley
Chris Bramley is the Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine. A journalist by training, he has been covering space and astronomy since 2005 and has headed up the magazine's editorial team since 2011.