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Recorded Fri, July 30, 2021 7:02 am (EDT)
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    London (GMT 1:00)
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    Are you striving for flower show perfection in your garden? Try as we might, there are always things that don’t go according to plan and summer is the season when many gardening problems come to the fore. Plants can be attacked by pests, or simply fail to thrive, while weeds can pose a problem if left to grow unchecked. But, with a little ingenuity and forward planning, many of these irritations can be solved.

    Join horticultural expert and Associate Editor, David Hurrion in this one-hour online session, where he'll share his more than 50 years of gardening experience, plus answer your questions in a live Q&A to make sure your garden looks at its very best.

  • Agenda
    • Natural balance and gardening allies
    • Weedkillers and their effects on other plants
    • Annual and perennial weed control
    • Bacterial and viral plant problems – what can be done
    • Fungicides and their use in the garden
    • Fungal diseases and how to avoid them
    • Organic and synthetic pest control
    • Biological control – how and when to apply
    • How to spot problems
    • Cultural control and good gardening
    • Insect lifecycles and controlling numbers
    • Telling ‘friend’ from ‘foe’ in the insect world
    • Soil health and its role in preventing problems
    • Fertilisers and nutrients to maintain plant health
    • Soil and weather problems and how to avoid them
    • When the problem is the gardener – cultural mistakes
    • Closing with live Q&A session with David Hurrion & Miranda Janatka
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