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    This Masterclass was originally presented as a live online webinar in June, 2020.

    This 50-minute long Masterclass On-Demand: Success with Seeds hosted by the magazine's Associate Editor, David Hurrion explains in detail every stage of the seed sowing process, so you can be sure you're doing it the best possible way to look forward to great results guaranteed.

    PLEASE NOTE, the original webcast has been edited to remove the welcome section with instructions on how to use the previous webinar host platform. The Q&A is not supplied as part of this On-Demand session, and is only included in our live Masterclass Online webcasts.

    A set of accompanying handout notes are included and can be downloaded from the video toolbar.
  • Agenda
    • Preparing to sow - how to create the best conditions for germination
    • Time of year to sow – when's the right time outdoors and undercover
    • How deep to sow – get the depth right for every type of seed
    • Surface & container sowing – know which is right for your seeds
    • Compost, Perlite and Vermiculite – choosing the right ones and how to use them
    • Propagators – do you need one, and how to use it
    • Pre-germinating – get tricky seeds off to the best start
    • Pricking out – how to master this delicate operation
    • Hardening off – how to get your seedlings ready for life outside
    • Seed storage – how to ensure they last
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    Anyone with the event link can attend
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