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Recorded Thu, May 12, 2022 7:00 am (EDT)
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    Whether you’re new to growing your own food or want tips on how to get better fruit, veg and herb crops, discover all you need to know for a bumper summer harvest in an online Masterclass and live Q&A.

    Host and Associate Editor, David Hurrion will discuss crops to grow in a varied range of spaces and conditions, how to successfully grow from seed, which fertilisers to use to maximise your crops and much more.

    All registrants will be able to download a set of course notes and will also be sent a link to view a recording of the webinar shortly after it has ended.
  • Agenda
    • Which crops to grow that will suit your space, time and taste
    • How to plan for a summer of bumper crops
    • Ways to tailor the soil to suit the crop for best results
    • The pros and cons of raised beds and containers for growing your own crops
    • Composts and soil mixes for container growing
    • Which crops to sow indoors and which to grow directly in the ground
    • How to succeed with seed germination
    • Ways to water wisely and effectively in the summer
    • Which fertilisers to give plants to maximise your crop
    • How to protect your harvest from pests and diseases
    • Tips and advice to ensure the longest season of harvest
    • Crops to grow indoors and under glass
    • Simple ways to store your harvest
    • Live Q&A with David Hurrion and Blake Roberts
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