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Recorded Fri, December 10, 2021 7:01 am (EST)
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    London (GMT 0:00)
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    With so many beautiful winter-flowering house plants available to buy in the festive season, discover which are the best for your home, how to care for them and how to plant up mixed indoor displays, in our 30-minute online class with Associate Editor and horticultural expert, David Hurrion.

    The session will be roughly split into a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 15-minute live audience Q&A.

    All registrants will be able to view a recording of the live class, please note the number of viewing sessions is limited to three.
  • Agenda
    • What are seasonal house plants and the origins of different types
    • How to spot the best plants to buy
    • Making sure that you get them home in one piece
    • Understanding what conditions each seasonal house plant needs
    • Choosing the right room for each type of seasonal houseplant
    • Ensuring they last as long as possible over the festive season
    • Discovering what all indoor plants need (as well as Christmas house plants)
    • Understanding the basic of watering your houseplants – avoiding over- and under-wateringIs feeding necessary for seasonal houseplants or, in fact, any houseplant in the winter?
    • Is feeding necessary for seasonal house plants or, in fact, any house plant in the winter?
    • Closing with live Q&A session with David Hurrion & Blake Roberts
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