Unlock the secrets of the Skin Microbiome !

The science behind the skin microbiome is complex and rapidly evolving, with implications for formulatory approaches and regulatory considerations. Monica di Leonardo, Kristin Neumann and Géraldine Louvet will discuss how to address these formulatory and regulatory stakes, which ingredients should be taken into consideration and what are the future products development opportunities around the skin microbiome.
Thursday, October 26, 2023 · 11:00 a.m. Paris (GMT +2:00)
Kristin Neumann
Co-founder and CEO of MyMicrobiome
Dr. Kristin Neumann is the co-founder of the certification institute and information platform MyMicrobiome. With a PhD in Microbiology her professional career led her to form MyMicrobiome. Dr. Neumann’s realization of how important an intact microbiome is for the individual’s wellness factored into her decision to summarize the science around the microbiome and to develop the world's first and only independent certification for microbiome-friendly cosmetics and personal care products.
Géraldine Louvet
R&D Application Manager and Director of Roquette Expertise Center
Graduated in chemistry and biology, Ms. Louvet has worked for more than 25 years in the cosmetics industry, as project manager for the brands Yves Saint-Laurent, & Stella Mc Cartney, then R&D and Marketing manager for Thor Personal Care.
In 2019, she joined Roquette as director of the Roquette Beauté Expertise center and cosmetic applications laboratory to manage technical support for the development of the Roquette Beauté activity.
Monica Di Leonardo
Global Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at IMCD Beauty & Personal Care
Monica Di Leonardo holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has an extensive experience in quality control and regulatory coordinator in the cosmetic industry. Currently serving as the Coordinator of Global Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs at IMCD Beauty & Personal Care, Monica coordinates the actions to better understand the countries regulatory specificities that B&PC clients face when they bring cosmetic products to the market