The second ILTS webinar delves into the clinical application of machine perfusion in liver transplantation. Experts will discuss the clinical trials that have been performed to date, those that are currently underway, and those that are still needed as well as how liver machine perfusion preservation is expanding throughout different parts of the world.

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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 · 3:00 PM Berlin (GMT +1:00)
  • Liver Machine Perfusion Clinical Trial Update (Cristiano Quintini)
  • Global Expansion of (Liver) Machine Perfusion (Paolo Muiesan)
  • What Future Trials are Needed in Liver Machine Perfusion (Paulo Martins)
  • Q&A
Cristiano Quintini
Cristiano Quintini is the Director of Liver Transplantation at Cleveland Clinic. He is also a Staff Physician in Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery in the Department of General Surgery. Dr. Quintini area of expertize embrace complex liver surgery including advanced liver surgery for tumors (conventional and laparoscopic), living donor liver transplantation and liver transplantation. He is involved in clinical research in the field of liver surgery and transplantation as well as ex-vivo organ perfusion.
Paolo Muiesan
Paolo Muiesan is Professor in HPB Surgery and Transplantation at the University of Birmingham. He leads the living donor, auxiliary, domino and DCD liver transplantation programs. Other clinical and research interests include normothermic regional perfusion and machine perfusion as novel means of organ preservation for transplantation. He currently leads the surgical program for treatment of cholangiocarcinoma.
Paulo N. Martins
Paulo N. Martins is a Transplant and Hepatobiliary surgeon (associate professor) and principal investigator at University of Massachusetts. He has been recognized for his pioneering work in the area of liver machine perfusion by the International Liver Transplantation Society. His basic science research is focused on ischemia reperfusion injury and organ preservation. His lab is investigating therapeutic interventions during liver machine perfusion.
Amelia Hessheimer
Amelia Hessheimer is a Specialist in Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation Unit at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Hessheimer has a background in Chemistry, Medicine, and Surgery. Currently, Dr. Hessheimer performs both clinical and experimental work in the field of liver transplantation, with primary areas of focus related to donation after circulatory death, perfusion technologies, and strategies for the successful transplantation of partial liver grafts. Amelia Hessheimer is a member of the ILTS Vanguard Committee and topic coordinator of the ILTS DCD & Machine Perfusion Special Interest Group.
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