About This Webinar
IED Barcelona and The Design School at Arizona State University invite you to Invisible Cities, a Virtual Participative Master Class by Elena Rocchi, Clinical Assistant Professor at ASU, on 15 March at 5 pm.

The talk will delve deep into Italo Calvino’s book of the same name, offering transversal thoughts on the concept of a contemporary city, regarding topics such as culture, language, equity, inclusion, time, memory, exceptions, and contradictions.

What defines a city? Can a city exist in all its dissonances? Can someone be a citizen of many cities? What are the interior and the exterior of a city? As each city resembles many cities, can someone exchange their forms?

Prepare to get involved on 15 March in a participative talk about the complex philosophy of modern cities. Together we will write another chapter of Calvino’s novel as the content will be exhibited as a diffused book in both universities, on April 23, Sant Jordi - the World Book Day.

How to Participate?

Read, Select, Post.

Participants must read, extract their favorite quotes from the book, and add them to this Miró board before 10 March:
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    Andrea Marchesi - Managing Director IED Barcelona
  • 1615568715-0709041f373ea13f
    Susana Zarco - IED Master
  • C
  • M
    Marta Colillas - IED Master
  • E
    Elena Rocchi - ASU