Are you frustrated with negative student behavior? Growing and developing our instruction and classroom management is essential for the success of our learners. Using trauma informed instruction, compassion and empathy in the classroom can give you an arsenal of tools to assist in managing tough behaviors in the classroom. Come learn the foundation ideas of trauma informed instruction and take those tough student behaviors from "go chase yourself" to "now you're on the trolley!"
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    Stormy Heinz
    Now You're on the Trolley! Using Trauma Based Instruction When Dealing with Student Behavior
    Stormy Heinz is a teacher at Preston High School and Preston Middle School; teaching 12th grade and 7th grade. She has been teaching for four years; three in Pocatello and one in Preston. Stormy has a master's degree from Concordia University in Curriculum and Instruction with an adolescent literacy emphasis. Knowing first hand about trauma within the students in our classrooms, she is passionate about implementing trauma-based instruction in the classroom and creating safe spaces for students to learn. When she isn't teaching, she can be found reading or being outside with her dog, Mila.