· London (GMT 1:00)
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About This Webinar
Interested in gaining an insight into industry?

Join this webinar hosted by IChemE's South West Regions Member Group and a variety of speakers from industries across the region.

You will be provided with detailed accounts of their own experience in industry and some tips and guidance. There will be an opportunity to ask your questions on what the industry and roles are like.
IChemE Regions Team
Jon Chouler
MEng MRes PhD CEng MIChemE Production Chemical Engineer (Bristol Water)
Jon is a chartered engineer with a range of experience in different industries. He completed his PhD in 2017 and has published work on microbial fuel cells for detecting toxic compounds in water. Since then he has worked with Flexible Process Consultants developing dynamic computational simulations for the heavy metals industries (Steel and Nickel); has worked abroad in Mexico and Uganda on low cost chlorinators for rain water harvesting applications, and has been with Bristol Water for over 2 years as their Production Chemical Engineer working on a variety of optimisation and improvement projects for their drinking water treatment works.
Adam Marriott
Nuclear Island Fluid Systems Group Leader (EDF), MEng CEng FIChemE
Adam is a chartered chemical engineer with 20 years experience. He spent ten years in the pharmaceutical industry before moving into the nuclear industry in 2011. After working in nuclear decommissioning for 3 years, he has worked on the Hinkley Point C project since 2014, building the UK's first new nuclear power station in a generation. He is currently the Nuclear Island Fluid Systems Group Leader for EDF Energy on the project.
Paul McLaughlin
MEng CEng MIChemE, Principal Consultant
Paul is a chartered engineer with 18 years of operations, design and construction experience in the chemical industry. He now heads up the consultancy team at Kiwa Ltd, leading safety and decarbonisation work including innovative research and development issues, and technical support to clients focussing on hydrogen gas applications. Paul is a member of the IChemE congress and treasurer of the South-West Members Group.