About This Webinar
As a behavioral health provider, you’re already very familiar with the legal issues of credentialing, reimbursement, malpractice insurance, and more. But how would providing online video visits to your patients affect your legal policies? While the benefits of telehealth programs are clear, providers implementing telehealth in their practices need to understand the legal implications and how to minimize their risk. What are the top telehealth legal issues you should know about?
  • Does your liability carrier cover you for telehealth?
  • How does the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact affect whether you can treat patients across state lines via telehealth?
  • What does your documentation need to include for telehealth sessions?
  • Is obtaining patient consent different for a telehealth session?
  • What happens if your patient has a medical emergency or gets disconnected?
Cheryl Gregory
Cheryl Gregory is a dual professional having extensive experience as a Registered Nurse and an Attorney. She is well-versed in healthcare liability both from the plaintiff's and defendant's perspective and enjoys crafting policy, teaching, and advocating for healthcare organizations and individuals. She is cofounder of the The Healthcare Advisory Institute, an organization dedicated to building high-reliability systems so happy practitioners deliver quality and value.