Are you a U.S. national living in the Netherlands? Do you know how to file your American taxes this spring? Not sure where to start? Then this webinar is exactly what you're looking for!

Join us on Tuesday, February 27, at 7pm to learn all about filing your U.S. and Dutch taxes in 2024. In this webinar, tax experts Christie DuChateau and Arnold Waal team up to explain what your U.S. tax obligations are, how to file your taxes, and how your American and Dutch tax returns are connected. They'll also answer all your questions and share helpful tips along the way.

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- Obligations to file
- Sequence of events
- Planning for the future and retirement
- Ask questions about U.S. and Dutch tax
- And more!

This webinar will be hosted by Christie DuChateau from BNC Tax and Arnold Waal from Tax is Exciting. Both are excited to host this webinar and answer your questions!
Christie DuChateau
Expat & U.S. Tax Advisor | CEO of BNC Tax
Christie DuChateau is the CEO of BNC Tax & Accounting BV. Christie is an IRS Enrolled Agent living in The Netherlands and specializing in American tax filing and advisory. BNC Tax was founded in 2002 in San Francisco and moved their head of operations to Amsterdam in 2015.

There is no US tax situation our team hasn’t seen! BNC Tax & Accounting has filed over 8,000 expat tax returns in 26 countries and are proud to be a leader in US tax services for Americans in The Netherlands. Their specializations include relocated employees, business owners on DAFT, retirees and “lovepats”. BNC Tax & Accounting can help sort through the treaty positions that apply so you pay as little US tax as required and receive the refunds you are entitled.

While Arnold thinks tax is exciting, Christie thinks US tax is more exciting!
Arnold Waal
CEO of Tax is Exciting
Arnold Waal, born and raised in Amsterdam. After finishing the high business school and university tax degree Arnold started his career with a small typical Amsterdam tax advising company. Typical Amsterdam implies joy in the work to be done with an eye for humor. Later on, he decided to start his own tax advising company. The first employee, Eleonora, Arnold married. Both are now partners in Orange Tax Services and that has evolved to Tax-is-exciting BV, as Arnold actually thinks tax is exciting.

The company employs a staff of 15 employees and their target clients are the internationals who need help with tax compliance. That can be from claiming back mortgage interest to starting a company, or running payroll. All communicated in English, all to make you comply with the rules and regulations. Tax is Exciting is based at the Keizersgracht 62 in Amsterdam and Zijlstraat 47 in Haarlem.
Claire Leunissen
IamExpat Host
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