Are you an expat in the Netherlands looking to buy a property? Then this housing webinar is the perfect place to have your questions answered and get onto the Dutch property ladder!

In this renowned housing webinar, qualified experts will teach you everything you need to know about the process of buying a home in the Netherlands. They'll explain the financial, tax, legal and practical considerations involved when buying a property, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

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- Mortgage eligibility and financing options
- Finding your dream home
- Authorizing the purchase
- Taxation and how to claim some money back

This webinar will be hosted by Henk Jansen from Expat Mortgages, Cherene Kruger from Homes for Expats, Bert Buma from Buma Algera Notariaat and Arnold Waal from Tax is Exciting. They organise several online and live seminars on this topic, sharing valuable knowledge and answering questions from expats across the country.
Richardo Cruz Fortes
Expat Mortgages
Richardo began his career in mortgage advice at Rabobank as a mortgage administrator, but his ambition was to move to the next level – consultancy. It was for this reason that he decided to join the Expat Mortgages team in 2010. A year later Richardo became a mortgage consultant.

Richardo is incredibly passionate about his job and the people (clients) he gets to meet every day. Richardo’s motto is: “We do not have problems, we only have challenges and each challenge requires the right tailor-made solution.” For over 10 years he has helped expats from all over the world secure mortgages to buy homes in the Netherlands.

Richardo was born and raised in Amsterdam, but he also has Cape Verdean roots. Both his parents were born on the Cape Verdean Islands. He is happily married to Nihal for already 11 years and they have 2 daughters: Zahara and Tamar and 1 son Zaki.

He likes to play (watch) soccer and spend quality time with his family and kids in his spare time.
Cherene Kruger
Founder of Homes for Expats
Cherene brings valuable expertise from her previous work experience in property development in South Africa as well as her role as makelaar and owner of Homes for Expats in the Netherlands. Her experience with assisting people to buy, rent and sell their homes in the Netherlands gives her a profound understanding of the Dutch housing market.

When your job doesn’t feel like work anymore and you absolutely love what you do then you know you have found your passion and for Cherene this is it, helping people find a home that they love makes her incredibly happy!
Arnold Waal
CEO of Tax is Exciting
Arnold Waal, born and raised in Amsterdam. After finishing the high business school and university tax degree Arnold started his career with a small typical Amsterdam tax advising company. Typical Amsterdam implies joy in the work to be done with an eye for humor. Later on, he decided to start his own tax advising company. The first employee, Eleonora, Arnold married. Both are now partners in Orange Tax Services and that has evolved to Tax-is-exciting BV, as Arnold actually thinks tax is exciting.

The company employs a staff of 15 employees and their target clients are the internationals who need help with tax compliance. That can be from claiming back mortgage interest to starting a company, or running payroll. All communicated in English, all to make you comply with the rules and regulations. Tax is Exciting is based at the Keizersgracht 62 in Amsterdam and Zijlstraat 47 in Haarlem.
Bert Buma
Buma Algera Notariaat
Bert Buma (1959) is co-founder of Buma | Algera Notariat together with Sjoerd Algera. Bert graduated in Notarial law and Dutch law at the Vrij (Free) University of Amsterdam in 1984 and since then has worked in the Amsterdam's notarial profession. As (assigned) notary Bert specialised in real estate.

He specifically focussed on buying/selling, establishment of mortgage and other security rights, division in apartment law and (voluntary and foreclosure) real estate auctions. He regularly conducts lectures on the subject to estate agent associations. Before establishing Buma | Algera Notariat Bert worked for Boekel De Nerée for 25 years, 14 years as partner and 11 years as notary. He is also a member of the Amsterdam's Legal Society. Alongside his work as notary Bert sits on the board of a number of charitable organisations.
Claire Leunissen
IamExpat Host
Joana Vinogradoff
IamExpat Host
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