About This Webinar
With the whole world left affected by a pandemic, how we engage with teaching and learning has changed forever. As remote learning becomes more prevalent, we need to understand better where educators and institutions may fall short.

Join Bett, Lenovo and a selection of key Asia-specific educators on 15 September for an exclusive discussion on the challenges created by COVID-19 and how they can be overcome with proactive and effective learning and instructional technologies.
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    Dr. Wagheeh Shukry bin Hassan
    DeputyDirector(Learning Platforms), Ministry of Education
    Currently working as Deputy Director (Learning Platforms), developing the digital platform for online learning for the Ministry of Education. The role requires the development of educational applications and services for teachers and students and its related standards. I also developed analytics and other new technologies like microservices to further enhance the digital platform.
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    Gerald Wang
    Head of Public Sector IDC Government Insights and IDC Health Insights IDC Asia Pacific, Singapore
    Gerald is the Head of IDC Asia Pacific Public Sector for IDC Government Insights and IDC Health Insights. In this role, Gerald draws on more than 15 years of research and industry experiences in enterprise IT market research, agile change management and innovation-based consultancy, as well as public speaking experiences across several public sector events. His specialties include managing digital government research and strategy advisories, driving industry-partnerships and knowledge ecosystems, as well as advocating for digital transformation innovations. Gerald is also the originator and program lead of the annual IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards since its inception in 2015 (http://www.idc.asia/IDCSCAPA/).
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    Khoo Hung Chuan
    Director Education Transform and Development, Lenovo Central Asia Pacific, Malaysia
    Khoo joined Lenovo in 2005 as the Country General Manager for Commercial Business.

    Khoo is currently the Director – Education Transform and Development for Lenovo Central Asia Pacific cluster of countries. In this new mission, he is tasked to game change the education landscape across the Central Asia Pacific region (ASEAN, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea); implementing strategies for profitable growth and increasing stakeholders value.

    Holding on to Lenovo’s guiding principle, namely “Different is Better”, Khoo continues to inspire regional teams in delivering unique Lenovo values to all clients and partners in education transform initiatives. He is passionately building the Lenovo education transform framework and playbook to showcase Lenovo’s capabilities and solutions suite as the thought and market leader in the education space.

    Prior to joining Lenovo, Khoo was leading the Commercial Business in IBM Personal Computing Group. With his vast experience and knowledge of the ICT industry as well as solid track record in building winning partnerships, Khoo remains one of the region’s most consistent and successful leaders.
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    Panya Yattham
    Manager Services Solution Presales Lenovo Central Asia Pacific, Thailand
    Panya joined Lenovo in 2018 as the Manager – Services Solution Presales for Lenovo Central Asia Pacific cluster of countries. He is tasked to showcase and strengthen the Lenovo Services landscape across the Central Asia Pacific region (ASEAN, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea); focussing on Lenovo Smart Office, Lenovo Distance Learning, Lenovo Digital Signage and IoT. With his demonstrated history and knowledge of the ICT industry, he is passionately building Lenovo Services more productive, collaborative and transformative.

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    Moderator: Sarah Marshall
    Global Head Content, Bett Portfolio