What can you do Monday and not someday to support your classroom approaches to social-emotional learning leveraging technology so that every student feels connected, calm and confident?

In this session, expert Mark Sparvell (Microsoft) will share WHAT Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is and WHY it is now fundamental and not ornamental, by addressing and introducing 7 amazing educators with 6 amazing classroom ideas for you to explore straight away.

You’ll be left feeling inspired, hopeful and excited about the possibilities.
Tue, Mar 30, 2021 · 4:00 PM BST
Mark Sparvell
Director of Education Marketing, Microsoft
Mark Sparvell is currently a thought leader for education marketing at Microsoft Corporation, working with education leaders, researchers, and organizations globally. He aims to identify innovative practice, develop community and build capacity by leveraging digital solutions. Mr. Sparvell's most recent role involved the development and execution of a global school leadership audience strategy for Microsoft Education. Here, he was involved in building a worldwide community of professional practitioners, launching innovative professional learning through partnerships with university and EdX, creating the School Leader Academy BETT track and initiating an online school leadership toolkit.
Monica Joshi
IT Head, Sat Paul Mittal School
Monica Joshi works at Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana, Punjab as an IT Head and her role is with all technical and management skills. She is associated with teachers training on IT skills and orienting students about the upcoming technology. She is passionate about integrating technology in education and desires to make projects engaging as well as fun for students as well as teachers. She has spoken at platforms like Microsoft, #KEOS2019 Finland, Edutech Asia in Singapore in 2017 -19, on the power of Gamification In Education. She is an MIEE [Microsoft Innovative Expert], Minecraft Global Mentor, Adobe Creative Educator, TeachSDGS+Flipgrid+Wakelet+3DBear Ambassador.
Leonardo Paz
Microsoft Showcase Leader, English IB Teacher and ICT Group Coordinator
I have been a middle and high school teacher for over 15 years. Have a major in teaching English as a second language from San Buenaventura University Colombia. I have been working in Colegio Aleman Cali since 2010. I am a MIEE and have been the Microsoft showcase leader at my school promoting Microsoft usage at school. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2019-2021. Member of BLI group of Colegio Aleman which handles planning and organization of inspection done by the German government. Profesor de Confianza, which oversees the student council and resolves conflicts among students and teachers. This has given me the chance to promote and be an active member in my community to work and help SEL in and out of the classroom.
Charity Nix
ITS/Professional Learning Specialist, NDIT-EduTech/NCCE
Charity began her journey in education in 2000 as a K-12 physical education and 7-12 science teacher. She was also a technology coordinator for those 7 years prior to leaving and becoming an information technology specialist with EduTech, a state agency in North Dakota. While working as an ITS, she was responsible for providing technology support and professional learning to educators. Charity became a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) and started working with NCCE where she was able to hone in and develop her skills to become a MIE Expert and MIE Master Trainer. She moved from North Dakota to South Carolina where she held the role of the Manager of Training at the University of South Carolina. There, she was able to expose faculty, staff and students to the Office 365 environment as well as ServiceNow. A couple of new passions that she has developed is Minecraft: Education Edition and Cyber Security. Charity is now a certified Minecraft Trainer and Global mentor. Charity is a passionate influencer that wants to empower all learners to be the best they can be. She believes that If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you however, if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
Global Educators
Alberto and Mario, known as the eTwinz, are award-winning educators and international speakers originally from Spain that moved to Utah several years ago to teach 5th and 6th grade in a Spanish Immersion School. The eTwinz have presented in many conferences and events across America and Europe sharing their expertise to help teachers transform their practice. Currently, they are working on their PhD focused on future-ready skills.
Shannon Steven
Wellbeing Consultant, Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA)
Shannon is a school psychologist who has worked in Education for over 15 years. She is passionate about education, and the promotion of the wellbeing of young people in schools and their communities. She has experience working across the Department of Education, Catholic Education and Anglican/ Independent school systems. Shannon is a registered teacher and has also completed her Masters of Psychology (Counselling) at Curtin University. Shannon is the immediate Past President of the School Psychologists Association of Western Australia (SPAWA) and has also been a board member of the Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools Association (APACS). Shannon is currently working as a Wellbeing Consultant for Catholic Education WA, working to assist Catholic schools to promote Wellbeing across the state.
Joe and Kristin Merrill
First & Fourth Grade Teachers, TheMerrillsEDU, LLC
Kristin and Joe Merrill share a passion for infusing EdTech into their Fourth and First Grade classrooms. Together, they have a combined 20+ years of teaching experience, where they collaborate to create engaging lessons that turn into memories for their students. Even though they teach different grades, they share one common goal: learning needs to be interactive. This mindset drove them to write the book, “The InterACTIVE Class,” (Elevate Books EDU), and put a new spin on traditional strategies to help implement technology that meets the needs of all students.
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