· Mountain Time (US & Canada) (GMT -6:00)
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During this exclusive event, you will receive insightful information about the risks that threaten your retirement success. You will also learn the challenges your investments will face and how to find and implement solutions that will help protect your retirement in any economy.

You will receive a $25 gift card just for completing our Financial Report Card, it's our way of saying 'Thank You' for attending.

When you attend, you'll also have an opportunity to receive an additional $100 gift card.

Registration closes soon, so sign up now!

Should you prefer to contact us directly to register, call 403.269.4640 or email clientcare@hsifinancial.com.

*For first-time attendees only, no agents, stock brokers, or industry representatives. There will be an education fee for any licensed financial professional or assistant.

Intended for attendees over 50 years of age.
  • How to avoid losing money needlessly and unnecessarily
  • How to protect and preserve your portfolio during the current state of the world
  • Creating a consistent, stable and reliable retirement income stream
  • How and when to maximize government CPP (Canada Pension Plan)
  • Minimizing and reducing tax, both leading up to and during retirement
  • Building a "worst case scenario" financial and retirement plan that will withstand any market
  • Ensuring your nest egg will last 30+ years
Wesley has practiced in the financial planning industry since 1984, specializing in retirement planning strategies which integrates with our complete wealth management. He is a Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Wesley identifies the goals and objectives of the client in order to meet pre-retirement and retirement planning needs. He created the Economic Evolution Program and is the author of a book on financial planning: Know You Can: No More Excuses – How to Become Financially Fit in 90 Days.
HSI Financial Group has a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team that offers a full suite of financial services. We build a relationship with our clients to understand their needs and lifestyle, and take a partnership approach by working together to make the best financial decisions for your family, now and in the future. By creating a plan that covers all aspects of your finances, HSI ensures you are minimizing your risks and protecting your assets. Our full line of services includes financial and retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, investment strategies, insurance and group plans.