Generation Z is entering the workforce and will soon account for over a third of the global population.

Given their experience growing up in the aftermath of the Great Recession, you might think Gen Z has emerged as a pragmatic, risk-averse, non-entrepreneurial group motivated by job security. Instead, a more nuanced picture emerged as we explored their career aspirations, career development, working styles, core values, behavior and character, education, and stance on diversity.

Organizations that understand Gen Z and their drive and motivation will be well-positioned to ensure their successful inclusion within multi-generational workplaces and reap the benefits they bring to the workforce.
Tue, Dec 1, 2020 · 2:00 PM CET
  • How are demands from the future workforce changing?
  • How do you utilize technology to attract young talent?
  • Outlook for 2021 - what should your organization do?
Christoph Welz
Head of Employer Branding and HR-Communications at Porsche AG
From his background in Marketing, Christoph has worked is way up in Porsche to becoming Head of Employer Branding & HR-Communications.

Through these experiences, Christoph will share his insights from the field between Marketing and HR, and how to stay attractive in the eyes of current- and future employees to attract and retain top talent.
Frederik Fahning
Co-Founder & Managing Director of Zenjob
In Zenjob, Frederik's role is to offer new ideas regarding the structure and law of the German job market. With the rapid development of new technologies and the strong trend towards an on-demand economy, the laws and values of our working society must also be flexible and change to reflect this.

Zenjob's goal is to break up the rigid structures of our German job market and offer a new model for work, providing more flexibility for all.
Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski
Director of Global Corporate Communications at Delivery Hero
Sigrid is a creative and results-driven communications leader with over eight years of experience in various industries including e-commerce, technology, business, mobility, diplomacy and public affairs. With a proven track record of creating and implementing communication and brand strategies, Sigrid has shaped external perception for listed companies, smaller startups, consultancies and government institutions alike.

Believing that a sustainable culture is key, Sigrid will provide her views on how organizations should understand Gen Z, their drive and motivation, and how you can position yourself to be well-positioned for the future workforce.
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