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Digital Dexterity is all about the finesse and speed with which an organization responds to the disruptions in its ecosystem caused by new digital technologies. It is a radical change management approach that is enabled by digital tools, and that can accelerate transformation and adoption these digital tools in real time.

This need to keep pace with the exponential change, is often limited in its vision and can be only about adopting new technology platforms – from Cloud, Blockchain, Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence platforms. However, Digital Dexterity is about reimagining how people in an organization engage and respond to their environment both at work and in the market. It’s about reinventing processes and workflows, redesigning customer and employee experiences and resetting the employees’ skillsets, attitudes and cultural norms to harness and maximize the power of these new solutions. With the speed of digital disruption continuing unabated, Organizations will feel the need to shift towards an evolutionary mindset – where everything evolves constantly and naturally to keep pace with its ecosystem, where change is accepted as continuous and endless, and work approaches are flexible enough to adapt.

In my session we will explore the role Human Resources can play in making this happen.
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