Keynote: A Comprehensive, Practical IoT Security Program
The IoT M2M Council is embarking on a series of open forums to discuss IoT security topics as they pertain to devices, networks, and cloud/app platforms. The objective of the forums is to develop global guidelines and best-practices with a practical bent that can be used by IoT solutions providers, users, and government regulators as a departure point for understanding IoT security.
- Keith Kreisher, Executive Director, IoT M2M Council

Panel: AI Meets IIoT
What Are the New Industrial Applications? AI is everywhere these days, and IIoT is no exception. Specifically, machine learning is enabling predictive applications throughout enterprises, while higher-level AI is assisting in integrating the industrial edge with backbone systems like ERP and CRM, as well as delivering trusted environments that provide real security to wireless environments. This session will cover the waterfront of how AI/ML applies to connected devices in industrial environments. Hint: it’s not all about “generative AI”!

Panel Moderator: Renil Paramel, CEO & Co-Founder, Strategy of Things
- Scott Barnes, Vice President of Sales – Fleet, KORE
- Jim Hassman, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Blues
Keith Kreisher
Executive Director, IMC
Keith Kreisher is the founder and executive director of the IoT M2M Council, the world’s largest community of qualified, professional IoT users. The IMC is comprised of 25,000 enterprise users, product makers/designers, and apps developers from around the globe as rank-and-file Adopter Members. The group’s mission is to accelerate the deployment of IoT technology for the greater public good by bringing solutions providers and adopters together. Kreisher has spearheaded IMC initiatives that include a template RFP program for sourcing IoT solutions, guidelines for technology applications, a software calculator that assesses readiness for IoT deployment, an online library of hundreds of IoT use-cases and white papers, and nine separate push-content channels on IoT subjects, mostly geared towards vertical-market applications. The IMC is the exclusive IoT partner for the Consumer Electronics Show – the world’s largest consumer electronics event – where the IMC organizes pavilions, conferences, and news events. Kreisher has held senior management positions at some of the largest business information companies, including McGraw-Hill, Reed Elsevier, and Advanstar Communications. He holds a BA from Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and an MBA from Fordham University (New York, NY).
Renil Paramel
CEO & Co-Founder, Strategy of Things
Renil is CEO & Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Strategy of Things, an innovation company focused on management consulting, market intelligence and Innovation Labs in emerging technologies. Renil has over 24 years of experience, including 22 years of professional consulting experience serving clients in Business and Technology divisions of various Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Strategy of Things, Renil was a Vice President with Gartner Consulting and worked for both Accenture’s and Deloitte’s Technology strategy practices. Renil’s current focus is on Smart Cities, Enterprise and Industrial IoT and Smart Buildings. Key technology areas include end to end IoT solution from sensors, gateways, connectivity, cloud, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Renil is a member of Telecom Industry Association Smart Buildings working group defining standards and framework for a smart buildings certification program. He is also a member of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Wireless Supercluster, Smart Building Action Cluster and Smart Region Collaborative. Renil played an instrumental role in designing, setting up and operationalizing SMC Labs, a smart region innovation lab funded and operated by San Mateo County in California and is currently working on a NIST cooperative grant to identify IoT infrastructure gaps across ten industries in the United States.
Scott Barnes
Vice President of Sales – Fleet, KORE
Scott has more than 25 years of business experience focused on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) focused on wireless data, transportation, mobile resource management (MRM) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Scott has an extensive background in all facets of the M2M ecosystem including wireless modules, IoT devices, wireless connectivity and Cloud based services in both PaaS (Platform-as-a Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models.

Before joining KORE, Scott held Senior Management and Sales positions at Positioning Universal, TeMeDa, Morey, Feeney Wireless, M2M Data Corporation, Aeris Communications, Telogis, Discrete Wireless, Inc. (now Nextraq) and BellSouth Wireless Data. He received a BBA in Marketing and OBBP from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX
Jim Hassman
President and Chief Revenue Officer, Blues
Jim Hassman, President and CRO at Blues, has 20 years of product and go-to-market experience in Enterprise Software from early stage to exit. Jim spent the last decade building the Enterprise AI market category at C3 AI with a very successful IPO prior to joining Ray Ozzie as his partner at Blues.

At Blues, a company whose mission it is to help customers transform physical products into an intelligent services, Jim is the key driver of growth. Under his leadership, Blues has expanded customer access to innovative IoT solutions across the world and across industries. He is recognized for his strategic, in- depth knowledge and ability to prioritize customer needs to ensure mission success.

Prior to Blues, Jim held product and go -to-market leadership positions at C3 AI and Oracle. He is also a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Business Analytics Program and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.
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