Join Mac, from our Product Education team, every Thursday for Smart Files Office Hours.

This will be set up as a very interactive discussion where the content is completely driven by your specific questions, whether you submit them ahead of time here during registration or chat them in during the session itself.

This is just say, no two session are the same!

So feel free to join weekly, even if just to listen in on the questions others have.
You never know what you'll come away learning!

We'll answer any questions on:
- Using the new builder
- The client experience with smart files
- Best practices and Pro-tips for using smart files
- New feature releases in smart files and the new builder
- Areas you're feeling stuck in regards to smart files and the new builder

Plus, we'll always be prepared with frequently asked questions and other hot-off-the-presses topics for our discussion.

If you've been searching for quick 1:1 help with smart files and the new builder, this is a great resource for you to get confident with your new tools.
Mac Hughes
Product Education
Romey Hooper
Product Specialist
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