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Written & Performed by Brian "Fox" Ellis

Presentation followed by live Q & A

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Imagine an evening at London’s Royal Geological Society, with the affable, young Charles Darwin, among friends, telling the stories of his amazing adventure sailing around the world on HMS Beagle. Darwin tells humorous tales of his training as a naturalist, his insights into South American geology, his discovery of strange creatures on the Galapagos Archipelago and most importantly, the scientific evidence that lead to his revolutionary theory. Storyteller and science teacher, Brian “Fox” Ellis steps into Darwin’s shoes to model the scientific process, engage listeners in a discussion of the facts so they can draw their own conclusions. Equal parts dramatic storytelling, stand-up comedy and show and tell, the audience is immersed in the intellectual world of one of history’s greatest scientific minds. He brings a wide array of fossils, insects, plants and study skins so the audience can experience the discoveries of Darwin.
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    Brian "Fox" Ellis
    Scholar & Performer
    Brian "Fox" Ellis is an internationally renowned storyteller, author and
    naturalist. He has been a featured speaker at regional and international
    conferences for the scientific community, including The National Biology
    Teachers Association Conference, The International Wetlands Conservation
    Conference, and the North American Prairie Conservation Conference. Fox
    is also a museum consultant who has worked with The Field Museum, The
    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, The Ben Franklin Institute and The
    Cincinnati Museum of Natural History to provide teacher training,
    develop curriculum, and present public programs. He is the Artistic
    Director for Prairie Folklore Theatre, a unique theatre company that
    celebrates ecology and history through original musical theatre. Fox is
    the author of more than two dozen books including the critically
    acclaimed Learning From the Land: Teaching Ecology Through Stories and
    Activities, (Libraries Unlimited, 1997/2011). His newest book is an
    adaptation of this performance Charles Darwin and His Revolutionary
    Idea, (Fox Tales International, 2020). He has also launched a new
    podcast, Fox Tales International, and will soon host and produce two new
    television series for PBS, Fox Tales Folklore and History…In Person!