About This Webinar
A talk by Alex Kuhn. The word of the year for many entrepreneurs is "hustle" & "grind". Yet, many entrepreneurs are still struggling to catch their breath and are no closer to their vision.

Today's topic is going to show how to align your unique, one-of-a-kind leadership talents with a business model that will work for you. Once you match your gifts with the right model, your impact & income will happen more naturally, resulting in a successful, rewarding, & fulfilling business.

You'll learn:
1) The 4 Truths To Shifts from a "Hustle & Grind" Entrepreneur to a "In Flow" Leader.
2) The 4 SuccessDNA Archetypes and how to quickly identify which one you are.
3) The 1 Shift each Archetype MUST make to generate client attraction flow
Alex Kuhn