About This Webinar
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Virtual events have moved from becoming nice-to-haves to becoming need-to-haves for businesses around the world.

Whether you’re looking to test the waters with your first virtual event or increase virtual event activity and engagement, you want to ensure that your brand image meets attendee expectations, company objectives and global standards.

It's all about the ROI, right?

On June 30th, Rob will be giving you tips and tricks in using virtual event to grow your audience and move the needle in your events.

In this 45-minute webinar, some of the things to be discussed are:
- Types of virtual summits
- Going niche vs broadening out
- Positioning yourself with summits
- Is bigger always better?

This event is exclusive to members of Creative Impact Group and hosted by HeySummit, the virtual summit platform that powers events for teams from the likes of SaaStr and Outreach.io to digital agencies and entrepreneurs. Attendees will receive exclusive discounted access to the HeySummit platform following the webinar.

Please note, your email address will be shared with the Creative Impact Group.
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    Rob Gelb
    CEO, HeySummit
    Robert Gelb is the CEO of HeySummit, the platform that creators use to run summits, talk-series, and event-powered communities.
    Before HeySummit, Rob started Kindaba, a privacy-conscious social startup for families and ran Bus 52 (http://bus52.com), a nonprofit project that featured the production of 100 documentary-style video pieces highlighting people and organisations who were doing inspiring things across America but lacked recognition.
    You can reach him on rob@heysummit.com to talk impact, summits, startups, converted school buses, or anything Star Trek related.
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    Fab Giovanetti
    Founder and CEO, Creative Impact Group