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HeyOrca Workshop: Mental Wellness Within the Social Media Industry Part 2

About This Webinar

This workshop with is the second part of our mental wellness within the social media industry conversation!

More information to come.

  • The Mental Health Continuum Model
  • Topics such as toxic positivity, Imposter Syndrome, and self-worth and how it ties into the model
  • Personal experiences from our special guests
Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Content Marketer
Alyssa is a Content Marketer at HeyOrca. She focuses on growing their community through newsletters, resources, workshops and their Facebook Group, Life in Social.
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO @ HeyOrca
Joe started HeyOrca in 2016 when he saw a need for a content creation and collaboration tool in social media agencies. When Joe is not leading his team to help agencies take back their day, he enjoys photography and hiking along the Newfoundland coast with his wife, Margarita.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder of The Social Gourmet
Peggy is the driving force behind The Social Gourmet, a boutique social media marketing agency in Grimsby, Ontario, servicing clients throughout the Niagara region and across Canada. As The Social Gourmet’s Founder & Social Media Strategist, Peggy leads a small team of marketing specialists, dedicated to helping small businesses and community organizations reach their business goals. Peggy’s passion for helping businesses thrive comes from being a small business owner herself. For many years, she was a professional ballroom dancer and studio owner, achieving significant results with her digital marketing strategies. Her success inspired her to share what she learned, and since 2016 she has helped dozens of small businesses and community organizations take their social media to the next level, with her strong belief that the online face of your brand is the most important way to engage and connect customers.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder of K•Light Digital Charisma
Marketing strategist, vintage dance specialist, and award-winning speaker, Kristin Light has split her multi-decade eclectic career between the boardroom and the ballroom – having used her candidly charismatic marketing techniques to launch a new event company to multi-six figure revenue in its first full year. However, as a vivacious showgirl and successful entrepreneur, Kristin was perhaps the last person you’d expect to be suffering from a diagnosed mental illness. For decades, she kept her struggles with major depression, anxiety, and panic hidden behind a carefully coiffed, sunny exterior. But following a brush with suicide that left her confined to a psychiatric ward, Kristin was forced to confront her illness head-on. She now speaks out to demystify the facts surrounding mood disorders and mental illness using inspirational (and often hilarious) stories from her own personal and professional life.
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