About this Webinar
There are aspects of life of all of us that are affected by the new pandemic regardless of our political, religious, age, or national background. This virus is a reminder that we all humans are vulnerable to what nature throws at us, and in it together.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​ Remote working, reduced work hours and income, and inability to predict future of work, especially for those with limited financial resources, or jobs mainly affected by the crisis are highly stressful. We all are also stressed by the news, especially given the inherent emotionally triggering nature of the US news media.
I have worked with clients for over 20 years with anxiety issues. Allow me to assist and support you during this current state of our lives.
We will discuss symptoms; techniques; positive living; grounding skills and mindfulness skills.
  • Anxiety and symptoms/symptom management
  • Grounding and mindfulness
  • 5-day positive challenge
  • Information about apps to keep busy that are free
  • Socialization during isolation
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    Nicole Festa
    Nicole Festa has been presenting about self care, therapeutic, and educational topics for over 15 years. Her main goal is wellness for all.
    She is a licensed counselor specializing in trauma, addiction, and mental health.