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It’s time to get back to Live Events again, but how do we do this safely? With Covid Compliance for Live Events. Health Education Services (creators of the Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) and Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) courses) have realized the need for Live Events to understand and use Covid Compliance and created a customized course for ALL Live Events.

[BOLD] Please note this class does not teach you how to become a Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) or a Pandemic Compliance officer (PCA). Instead, this class explains compliance guidelines, mitigation strategies and safety practices as they are relevant to the myriad of Live Events. As there are many different types of live events as well as numerous event staff roles and differing local regulations for live events, Health Education Services will offer CDC-based guidelines, practical strategies and a broad view for how to work at and attend live events safely—from an intimate coffeehouse performance to a regional theater production to a large stadium event.

This class outlines protocols necessary before and during Live Events including health screenings, social distancing parameters, proper PPE use and sanitization regulations.

This class is for venue staff, venue management, touring staff, promoters, talent, security, catering, AV, volunteers, vendors and even the audience. This class covers broad health and safety practices for sports events, theater performances, festivals, concerts, and any other live entertainment, production, or event.

During the course there will be multiple expert discussions as well as a poll and a survey.

Class Duration: 1hr 45min

After completing a poll and survey, participants will receive a course completion certificate attesting to the understanding of the class content. In addition, you will receive a link to valuable resources including example screening surveys, on-site posters, and more.

The class completion certificate will emailed to you the week following the date of your class. We audit our live events class attendance every Friday and send certificates out the following week.

This class was originally created for all Live Events workers including venue staff, management, touring crews and talent, as well as anyone working in these roles wishing to learn up-to-date best practices for safely working a Live Event. Covid-19 guidelines are constantly changing and vary by state, city, and locale, so please always consult your local and state health departments, unions, and CDC guidelines before each event. In addition, please be aware that private venues will have their own standards and regulations. This class follows the guiding protocols of the CDC, OSHA, EPA and NIH. This class is not endorsed by any outside organization.

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Event Producers
Event Staff
Touring Staff
Venues / Venue Staff
Sports / Stadium Staff
Experiential Event Producers / Staff
Festival Staff / Producers / Promoters
Tech / AV Staff
Vendors / Independent Contractors

For any questions please email zoom@healtheducationservices.net
  • Resources
  • Pre-Planning + Venue Preparation
  • Touring
  • COVID-19 Protocols
  • Staff
  • Screening
  • Social Distancing
  • Sanitization
  • After the Event
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    Health Education Services
    A Workplace Safety, CPR, First Aid, Training Center.
    Founded by two RNs, HES provides classes in workplace safety and medical emergency response, and is one of the largest AED (automated external defibrillator) sales, implementation and maintenance companies in California.
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    Class Director, CEO of Health Education Services
    Course Director, and Co-Founder of Health Education Services, Covid Compliance Advisor
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    Jennifer L. Hunnicutt, PhD, ATC
    Class Instructor - Medical Writer & Athletic Trainer
    Dr. Jennifer Hunnicutt is the owner of Hunnicutt Writing and Consulting, LLC. She has a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science and is a Board certified Athletic Trainer who has had live event experience with the NBA Hawks Center in Atlanta. Jennifer has authored a long list of published articles and studies and has presented many papers at many scientific conferences and symposia. She has been an adjunct professor at the College of Charleston (VA) and taught at Emory University where she has also held research positions.
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    Jeremy Young
    Class Consultant - Chief Operating Officer, 3P America
    Jeremy Young is the CCO of 3P America. He has had 20 years experience in the entertainment space, first as a Marketing Director for the Riverband Music Center, Bogarts, and Taft Theatre in Cincinnati and then as a Tour Manager for Maroon 5 and All American Rejects and as a Tour Manager and later, the Artist Manager for Gavin DeGraw.
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    Trey Wilson
    Class Consultant - Chief Marketing Officer, 3P America
    Parallel to his role in marketing for 3P America, Trey Wilson is also a successful manager for Vector Management in Nashville, TN. He continues to work with artists such as Blackberry Smoke and is actively involved in the planning of post-pandemic events, tours and festivals of all types.